Arch Equity Partners

Arch Equity Partners connects its business operator’s mindset to a lower middle market, long-term hold investment strategy.

We partner with management teams to build better businesses through operational improvements, a focus on sustainable growth strategies, and building professional management practices.

Central to our investment philosophy is our partnership with investors who support a patient, longer-term horizon for their capital, and who are a key element in AEP’s partnership with the management teams to build stronger, more capable organizations through board representation and involvement in select operating and strategic efforts.

Our focus on the lower middle market stems from a belief that this segment represents a larger well of unrealized potential value, plus it is where our partners and investors have spent a significant portion of their professional careers as business owners, CEO’s, and financial and operational advisers.

Guiding Principles

AEP creates a collaborative dynamic together with the management team and investors to inject patient, long-term capital into companies to allow them to realize their full potential value.  These are companies who have proven the inherent value of their good/services, what we call the “Darwin Effect”, but to fully prosper need to adopt more professional management practices made available through AEP’s collaborative process.

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Investment Approach

Our investment approach centers on three foundational elements: industry, company size, and value orientation.  These key elements together with the hands-on engagement of the AEP team and orientation toward long term investment hold, creates a disciplined, synergistic framework.

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AEP & Investor Team

AEP was founded by two partners whose professional careers prior to the start of the company were dedicated to leadership positions in companies in the lower middle market.  It was through their time as senior executives and owners of companies that allowed them to target recruiting an investor group designed specifically for AEP’s philosophy and investment approach.

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